Joint Job Evaluation


Caretakers should have received information regarding reclass. This form should be summitted 1 per school. Remember to have Admin, Principal or your supervisor sign off.

October 24th Update:

The Union and the Employer have a Letter of Understanding regarding JJE review of all classifications. The JJE committee has not been able to keep up with 4.2E.2. It has been an impossible task to perform. So going forward the committee will be responsible for maintaining accurate job descriptions and ratings on an ongoing basis.

The JJE has finished the Provincial Benchmarks and is now working on our local classification reclass.

The following are in the final stage and should be out to the members sometime in the next 2 weeks:

In Review:

  • Alt Ed/Continuing Ed Secretary

  • Education Assistants

  • Youth Workers

  • EA Facilitator

New Classification:

  • IT II

Reviews Completed - October 2022

  • Secretary 3 (Revised to current words per minute requirement)

  • EA Lead Hand (Revised to include LISW)

Class Spec. Required Knowledge and Skills Changes:

  • IT Supervisor - October 2022

  • Security Runner - December 2021

    • Basic security training

    • Basic security training assessment

    • Occupational First Aid Level 1

  • Stores - May 2016

  • Light warehousing courses

  • Delivery Person - January 2022

    • Valid Forklift Training Certificate

  • Cook III - October 2019

    • Professional Cook II from a recognized Culinary Arts Program

    • Previously any cook training or equivalent.

  • Utility Grounds - December 2017

    • Add "Valid CPSI Playground Inspector certificate"

  • Grounds Leadhand - October 2018

    • Certified as a Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Canadian Playground Inspector