Executive Meeting of April 8, 2020 Items Discussed:

posted Apr 16, 2020, 2:09 PM by CUPE 561   [ updated Apr 16, 2020, 2:09 PM ]

Executive Meeting of April 8, 2020 discussions involved the following items:

 Sick Leave Trust Committee to review returning benefits that were removed and reducing employees’ rate of contributions.  President to meet with Employer to have Sick Leave Trust Committee make appropriate recommendations.

 Pension questions on why Retirees’ contribution rates were increased.  Questions regarding benefit surplus account - two years ago was given extra funds to cover retirees’ contribution increases.  Employer was to provide pension committee annually a report on the distribution of the funds.  Request to pension committee to provide the last two year’s reports.

 Annual Meeting Cancelled as a result of Health Order, all Union meetings were cancelled.  National Union approved election meetings can be postponed to June.  There are four (4) Members that met the guideline to officially campaign fourteen (14) days before the elections.  Monthly Union Executive meetings will be held at a hall in PoCo where the ability to keep within social distance guidelines is available.

 Donations Approved:  $250 for Local 4193 Locked Out by their employer, and, $250 for Local 213 On Strike.

 Letters of Understanding have been agreed to in School District #43, Coquitlam Public Library, and Montessori Pre-School.  First Canada is currently reviewing a process to deal with BC Transit who claims they have no adequate funding to maintain normal bus service.

 Probations:  Union discussed employer’s proposal to suspend Probations during the virus epidemic.  The Executive saw no need to suspend probations as employees are working the majority of the time in their current classification.  Administrators are present to provide mid and full probation reports.