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CUPE has provided the video below; have a watch!!


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Please the this most recent Bargaining Bulletin from your Executive - Bargaining Bulletin #12

Please see Bargaining Bulletin #6 from your Bargaining Committee.

Please see Bargaining Bulletin #5 which contains updated information from your Bargaining Committee on the up-coming Ratification Vote.

Please see Bargaining Bulletin #4 which contains updated information from your Bargaining Committee.

Please see Bargaining Bulletin #3 regarding information from your Bargaining Committee.

Please see this notice for Bargaining Bulletin #2 regarding information from your Bargaining Committee.

Please see Bargaining Bulletin #1 regarding information from your Bargaining Committee.

MPP Slide Presentation

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This document is the slide presentation, presented to Members at the Ratification Vote meetings.

MPP Transition Ratification Vote Results

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CUPE 561 members ratify pension plan transfer


CUPE 561 members ratified the agreement to transfer active employees in the SD43 Non-Teaching Pension Plan (NTPP) to the BC Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) with 97 per cent of members voting in favour.


Ballots were counted on Saturday after the last of three meetings for members to hear details about the plan and vote on ratification. Current SD43 retirees will remain members of the NTPP.


“CUPE 561 members work hard every day to provide support services in Coquitlam schools and like all workers, they should have a pension and benefits they can count on,” says CUPE 561 President Dave Ginter. “Our negotiating team persevered so that we could reach a deal that’s good for all of our members.”


The main terms of the agreement include a 4 per cent wage increase to cover the pension contribution difference between the two plans; full recognition in the MPP of all past service in the NTPP; and a “no worse off” guarantee for members who retire within five years of transferring to the MPP.


“We’re pleased that the members endorsed this agreement by such a majority,” said CUPE National Servicing Rep and lead negotiator Ross Idler. “We’re glad that we waited and eventually negotiated a deal we could wholeheartedly recommend to CUPE 561 members.”


The agreement has also been ratified by the SD43 Board of Education and BCPSEA on behalf of the Provincial Government. Some work remains to be done on the formal asset transfer agreement and the MPP Board will vote on accepting the agreement at their May meeting. The parties expect that the majority of active members in the NTPP will become members of the MPP by June 30, 2018.



Susan Zander, CUPE National Servicing Representative: 604-291-1940, ext. 233.

First Canada Unit Information Bulletin

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The Union has been informed by the Employer:

  • Abbotsford will be getting five (5) Vicinity buses to replace five (5) Dennis Darts.  These will be on the conventional runs, so the pay scale will be at the conventional rate.
  • BC Transit will be installing more cameras in the Chilliwack and Abbotsford fleets.
  • GPS systems will be installed on buses soon.

NEWS BULLETIN November 2017 -- ESD (Economic Stability Dividend)

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Please see this notice for information regarding wages applied by the Economic Stability Dividend for May 2018.

Volunteers & Work of Bargaining Unit - SD #43

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To all locations:
Members need to be aware of Article 10.11


10.11 Work of the Bargaining Unit


The Union shall not have its certificate of bargaining authority reduced as a result of volunteers.


The Board further agrees that volunteers will be supernumerary to established positions in the bargaining unit and that the use of volunteers will not result in the layoff of employees. Duties of the laid off employee(s) will not be performed by volunteers at that location.


For the purposes of this Article 10.11 layoff shall mean a reduction in the work force or any reduction of hours for any employee.


If there are any volunteers at your site performing work of laid off Members please let the Union Office know.

Tribunal Rules on Allegations of Adverse Treatment by Union

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Not Discriminatory conduct, Tribunal finds...

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